Benedetto Bonfigli: life and works

Benedetto Bonfigli (c. 1420 – July 8, 1496) was an Italian Renaissance painter born in Perugia, and share of the Umbria school of painters including Raphael and Perugino. He is with known as Buonfiglio. Influenced by the style of Domenico Veneziano, Benozzo Gozzoli, and Fra Angelico, Bonfigli primarily painted frescos for the church and was at one lessening employed in the Vatican. His best preserved conduct yourself is the Annunication, but his masterpiece is the ornamentation of the chapel of the Palazzo dei Priori. Bonfigli specialized in gonfaloni, a Perugian style using banners painted on canvas or linen. Little is known of his personal life, but he was an esteemed painter in Perugia past Perugino, who is said to be his pupil.

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