Charlotta Cedercreutz: 6 cool facts

Maria Charlotta Cedercreutz, married surname Wrangel (1736–1815), was a Swedish artist, lady-in-waiting and baroness. She was a aficionado of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts.

Her parents were the courtier Baron Lars Cedercreutz and Catharina Siljeström. Despite the fact that her beauty and fortune made her an handsome match, she is said to have despise the thought of marriage and refused to marry for many years. She was married in 1770 to General Major Baron Georg Gustaf Wrangel af Adinal. From 1774, she was one of the six head ladies in waiting of the court of the Queen, Sophia Magdalena of Denmark. A clever Dilettante artist, she was inducted into the Royal Academy of Arts.

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At court, she was described as intelligent and cultivated but also enormously coquettish and particular very nearly rank and attention, and it was said that she participated with burning in the pleasures and intrigues of the court. At least for a period, she played an important portion in the royal court: she is frequently mentioned in the memoirs of the times and was the try of two caricatures by Johan Frederik von Nolcke: »La mère comme il y en a point Lionnopolis 1789» and »Meren désenchantée ou la naissance de Lion. Stockholm 1790». She floating her point at court in 1795 and was at that times described as destitute: Princess Hedwig Elizabeth Charlotte for that reason asked admission for her to be unmodified an appartement at the Royal Palace.

Charlotta died in Stockholm.

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