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Christoffel Pierson (19 May 1631 – 11 August 1714) was a Dutch Golden Age painter.

According to Houbraken, he was brought in the works to become a merchant. Schooled in Latin, French, and drawing, he spent time as a clerk (in a “comptoir”), but showed more faculty for painting, which he hypothetical from friend Bartholomeus Meyburgh, who was without help 3 years older than he was. In 1551-1552 he spent a year studying taking into consideration Meyburgh, and next he moved to Schiedam, where he married his first wife in 1652. In 1653 he travelled in the look of Meyburgh to Germany. On the way help they travelled through Bremervoorde, where they met following the Swedish Army, and Pierson painted the portrait of Fieldmarshal Carl Gustaf Wrangel. The fieldmarshal was hence satisfied that he offered both men the unintended of becoming court painter to Queen Christina, but they turned it down, Meyburgh because he didn’t desire to, and Pierson because he had isolated just gotten married 6 months beforehand.

Upon his compensation to the Netherlands Pierson moved his household to Gouda where, inspired by the achievement of Anthonie Leemans, he made a profitable vivacious making same trompe l’oeil paintings of hunting paraphernalia, birdcages, and weaponry. He was so wealthy at this that many were fooled into believing that these objects truly hung on the wall. In Gouda he then made drawings upon parchment of the famous stained glass windows of the Janskerk (Gouda), including those by the brothers Dirk Crabeth and Wouter Crabeth I, for the Gouda city council. After the death of his first wife, he remarried a girl from Schiedam and moved urge on there in 1679, where he lived until 1691 past returning to Gouda, where he higher died.

He was also a good poet, and wrote as many poems as he made paintings. The painter and printmaker Arnoud van Halen made a portrait of him for his cabinet of poets, that at the period Houbraken was writing, totalled greater than 100 portraits.

His last play Dagobert was published in the year of his death.

Though he worked in several locations, most notably in Gouda and Schiedam, he is registered by yourself in 1685 as a aficionada of the Schiedam Guild of St. Luke.

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