Claude Plessier: life and works

Claude Plessier is a French painter, born in Paris in 1946 who has worked in France and Argentina.

A graduate of the Arts Décos, the Beaux-Arts and the Allgemeine Gewerbe Schule in Basel he was awarded a scholarship by the Italian supervision to laboratory analysis mosaic in Ravenna in 1971. He has lived and worked in Paris past 1978.

Initially, his paintings were in an abstract manner no question much under the pretend to have of the COBRA (avant-garde movement) movement; he has even been called a Neo-cobra painter. His stay in Argentina (1973–1977) saw a open-minded change in his work. He has past been noted for his liberal and skillful use of shimmering and contrasted colours and his enigmatic figures drawn without tilt at various scales and on various planes, sometimes emerging from a layer of paint beneath unconventional one. In his “recouvrements” series, he sometimes even covered older works once thick layers of black paint.

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In his recent paintings he has used lighter colours, and the figures are less numerous.

Plessier has with made a series of drawings in homage to Gabriel García Márquez, and a portrait upon wood of the author.

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