5 facts about Cosmo D’Angeli

Cosmo D’Angeli (29 October 1889 – 28 November 1968) was an Italian painter and sculptor.

Cosmo D’Angeli was born on 29 October 1889 in Rome, Italy. His intimates owned a bakery near Termini Station. After graduating from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, he began showing his paintings and sculptures upon the Via del Babuino, Via Milano, Via Veneto, Via Margutta, and in galleries in Rome. He won various prizes, including the “La Tavoletta D’oro”.

His style, at first Impressionist, changed in grow old to reflect the art and technique of the Macchiaioli. He was afterward devoted to sculpture and worked as architect in the zone of Rome and Anzio Colonia.

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Many of his paintings are in collections external of Italy: France, Germany, England, Belgium and the United States. His decree has after that been listed in the catalogs of international art be active houses.

D’Angeli died of cancer in Rome upon 28 November 1968, leaving his wife Adelaide and his daughter Anna.

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