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Costas Evangelatos is a Greek player and poet born in Argostoli in 1957 but he is originated by his dad side from Lixouri, Kefalonia. He studied appear in at Athens University, painting and aesthetic theory of objector art in Manhattan (New York City). From 1986 until 1993 he was the artistic director of the DADA Gallery in Athens, and in 1990 founded the art group ART STUDIO “EST”.

Along considering painting, has worked internationally in the fields of Performance, Body art, Happening and Mail art. He has presented sections of his works in solo exhibitions in Athens, Rochester, New York, Thessaloniki, Arezzo, Avignon, Chantilly, Paris, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Nicosia.

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He has participated in many action exhibitions and international artistic meetings in Barcelona, Warsaw, Seratz, Gothenburg, Amiens, Rome, Moscow, Santiago, Buenos Aires, New York, Los Angeles, etc. They have been published next books of him, aesthetic essays, poems in seven editions (“APOPEIRA” editions), lithographic works (bodygraphics) etc.

He has lectured upon art issues in Greece and abroad. He is a advocate of scientific and artistic organizations and a senior member of the Greece’s Chamber of Fine Arts.

His works are in collections of art, as in the Art Institute of the Central Bank of Greece, the “Museum of the City of Athens”, the Gallery of the School of Philosophy in the University of Athens, the “ART” –Macedonian Fine Art Company, the Gallery of the Company of Macedonian Studies, the Municipal Gallery of Athens, the American College of Greece (ACG ART COLLECTION), the Photographic Archive of the Benaki Museum, the headquarters of Army Navy, the Foundation of Archbishop Makarios in Nicosia, the Patriarchate of Alexandria, the Reading Society of Corfu, the Ionian University, the Municipal Gallery of Corfu, the Greek Embassy in France, the Greek and Cypriot Consulate in Paris, the University FORDHAM of New York etc.

Kimon Friar translated in English, when Evangelatos was in the States, some emotional poems of him from the collection Alea Prosomoion published below the title In the little mirror (2003) in Greece (APOPEIRA editions).

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