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Dimitrije Popović (born 4 March 1951) is an eminent Montenegrin and Croatian painter, sculptor, art critic and philosopher born in Cetinje, Montenegro. He attended elementary and high school in his hometown and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1976 in the class of professor Šime Perić.

Popović’s works (drawings, prints, paintings, and sculptures) evolved thematically and technically through alternating phases, mostly inspired by Leonardo’s drawings, surrealism, Ivan Meštrović’s sculptures etc.

The performer lives and works in Croatia, but he made first public broadcast in Cetinje in 1969 at the Art Salon of Youth. During the 1970s he exhibited in Podgorica, Bari (Italy), Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

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During his house in Paris in 1974 Popović met French art miser M. Davrier. In 1978 Davrier exhibited Popović’s works at the Alexander Braumüller gallery taking into consideration the paintings of Salvador Dalí, Ernst Fuchs, Leonor Fini, Mati Klarwein, Victor Brauner and Miodrag Djuric – Dado (painter), another distinguished performer from Montenegro.

The Liberty Gallery and Universal Fine Arts of Washington prepared in 1982 a combined exhibition of prints and further graphic works of Dalí and Popović in Pforzheim. During the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci (1982), Dimitrije Popović exhibited in Palazzo Sormani in Milano a cycle of drawings entitled “Omaggio a Leonardo”. His crucifixions entitled “Corpus mysticum” were exhibited in Rome in Sant Andrea al Quirinale, Santa Maria del Popolo, and the Pantheon in the occasion of the celebration of two thousand years of Christianity. Croatian art critic Tonko Maroević wrote: “Popović’s ability in his interpretation of the Biblical motif is first and foremost to be found in the universality of meaning, the transfer of temporally and spatially limited matter into the general idiom of visual signs of the body. Of course, the meaning achieved is not restricted to the basic but wealthy in forebodings and motives, all leading into the disturbing sphere of the erotic” (From the preface to the art monograph “Dimtrije Popović – Judita, crteži”, author: Tonko Maroević, published in Zagreb in 1986 by Grafički zavod Zagreb and Umjetnički muzej Cetinje).

Dimitrije Popović had roughly 60 solo exhibitions and participated in over 150 work exhibitions and art manifestations of further kind. After that he published several books and wrote for Slobodna Dalmacija, Vjesnik, Večernji list, and Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti.

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Dimitrie Popovic was an outstanding Montenegrin and Croatian artist, sculptor, art critic and philosopher. Professor Sime Perich. Dimitrie “Mita” Popovic is an outstanding Montenegrin and Croatian artist, sculptor, art critic and philosopher.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci (1982), Dmitry Popovich exhibited a series of drawings entitled “Dedication to Leonardo” at the Palazzo Sormani in Milan. Dmitry Popovich has held about 60 solo exhibitions and took part in more than 150 group exhibitions and other art events. You can still visit an exhibition of his work at the Association of Artists in Podgorica and in galleries in Cetinje, such as the Montenegrin Academy of Arts. The opening of Popovich’s exhibition in Dubrovnik was Severina’s first public event after an apartment robbery.

By the way, this is not the first collaboration between Popovich and Severina. In 1982 in Pforzheim, the Liberta and Universal Fine Arts galleries in Washington organized a collective exhibition of his graphics with Salvador Dali.

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