This is Domenico di Zanobi

Domenico di Zanobi, formerly known as the Master of the Johnson Nativity, was an Italian Renaissance painter. His truthful dates of birth and death are not known. He is documented as a mature artiste from 1467 until 1481.

Domenico di Zanobi’s paintings were first grouped together in 1966 by the American art historian Everett Fahy, who certified about two dozen paintings in a similar style. Since none of these paintings are signed, Fahy named their artiste the “Master of the Johnson Nativity,” after the panel of the Nativity in the Johnson Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In 1996, the Florentine scholar Annamaria Bernacchioni identified this performer as Domenico di Zanobi, a documented partner in crime of Filippo Lippi in Florence and Prato, based upon her discovery of the carpenter’s balance for the Coronation of the Virgin at the Museo della Misericordia in San Miniato. This painting, attributed by Fahy to the Master of the Johnson Nativity, was reportedly commissioned by the Chellini associates in 1476 from a painter named “Domenico.” Since the painting is conveniently not by Domenico di Michelino, who with worked for the Chellini family, Bernacchioni recommend that it’s by Domenico di Zanobi, who shared a workshop bearing in mind Domenico di Michelino in Florence’s Via delle Terme by 1467. The identification has back found reply among art historians.

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Aside from the imitate of his teacher, Domenico’s art evolved through read with Andrea del Castagno, Alesso Baldovinetti, and Sandro Botticelli. He with collaborated behind the teen Filippino Lippi in an Annunciation at the Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence.

He painted primarily religious subjects, including altarpieces and many little panels for private devotion.

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