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Eva Navarro (born 1967) is a Spanish painter flourishing in Madrid, Spain. She has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Her operate is considered portion of the Spanish New Figurative Art Movement. She mostly exhibits her con in Europe and the United States.

Navarro’s behave has been described as “vivacious, uncomplicated and energetic, as skillfully as monster full of fabulous colour”. Basic elements such as movement, space, action and time, all expressed through the human figure, are reflected in her work. The Boston Globe has written that “she explores the concept of time, with long shadows lingering across paintings”.

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The characters that Navarro uses for her paintings are people that have crossed paths later than her in interchange locations more or less the world. They stand in seas of exceptional color and are painted subsequently a coarse realism. The characters are furthermore washed in sun, casting shadows across the canvas. Their faces are tucked or hidden away from the viewer, creating a agreed deliberate emotional distance. “She photographs people upon the streets, then isolates them adjacent to bold monochromatic backdrops. We rarely look their faces, though we may see the similar figure again, moving forward, casting luminous shadows. They could be anyone; they could be you, and that campaigning between identity and anonymity is compelling.

Eva Navarro was fixed as 2015 Residence Artists at the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts in New Berlin, NY.

Navarro’s recent undertaking has been livelier, more colorful, more optimistic and more playful than ever before.

In April 2016 Eva Navarro was the First Prize Winner of the VKR75 International Painting Competition, organized in Denmark, with her painting “Enlightenment”. Troels Rasmussen, VKR Holding company historian, states: “The winner of first prize, Eva Navarro from Spain, has worked masterfully considering light, shade and sensuality. The viewer is brought near to a person sitting in a chair, reading in subdued, yet bright, lighting from above. The scene is credible and convincing, with exquisite obscure detail, all of which affix to make this conduct yourself the sure winner of the competition”.

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