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Fausto Olivares Palacios (1940—1995) is an Andalusian painter born in Jaén in November 1940. He studies Fine Arts in Madrid. He travels to Paris and supplementary cities in Europe before returning to Jaén in 1966, where he teaches drawing and painting at the School of Arts and Crafts (now School of Art Joseph Nogué), where he serves sophisticated as Director.

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He leaves in 1981 his teaching upheaval to pursue an artistic career that led him to exhibit in many cities in Spain and Europe.

With Françoise Gérardin, he has three sons: Fausto, Jaime and Efrén.

He dies in his hometown in May 1995.

There is an Atelier-Museum Fausto Olivares in France. In 2011, on the occasion of the seventy years of the birth of her husband, Françoise Gérardin publishes a act out in French: Evocations, my husband, Fausto Olivares, painter.

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