Felipe Diricksen: 22 interesting facts

Felipe Diricksen, also Diriksen or Deriksen, (1590-1679), was a Spanish Baroque painter primarily of portraits and religious paintings, and a believer of a associates of Flemish painters.

Diricksen was born and baptized in San Lorenzo de El Escorial in 1590. He was grandson of Anton van den Wyngaerde, called in Spain Antonio de las Viñas, and son of the painter of Rodrigo Diricksen. He grew in the works in Oudenburg but contracted in Spain while yet in childhood. At twenty he married Ana Oliver y Bobadilla, whose dowry included estate and a residence. In 1612 he entered the benefits of King Philip III of Spain as an official court painter. In 1620 he painted a portrait of King Philip III in Lisbon depicting the be violent towards in ceremony subsequently a view of the city in the distance.

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Few details follow nearly his life, almost everything refer to his continued status as approved court painter, which remained in effect until 1639, and even stirring to 1678 he was yet designated as “on reserve”. In his will he claimed to have been the daddy of eight children, one of whom, Gabriel, also took up painting. The absence of news for the last thirty years of his simulation can be filled, in part, from the will of 1676 and the inventory of his works. Religious painting must have been his main action in those firm years, citing those documents, without further specification, many paintings made for Don Jeronimo de Mascarene and the Order of Saint Benedict, together, perhaps, with teaching the craft.

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