Who is Fernando Gallego?

Fernando Gallego (c. 1440 – 1507) was a Castillan painter, and his art is generally regarded as Hispano-Flemish in style. Gallego was likely born in Salamanca, Spain, and worked throughout Castile and Extremadura, most notably in Ciudad Rodrigo, Plasencia, Toro, and Zamora.

Much of his biography has been traced through attributions of his work, but few details are known. The last time he was referred to in a document which implied he was yet alive was in 1507, but the date of his death is unknown.

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Some works thought to be Fernando Gallego’s are likely on the other hand Francisco Gallego’s, such as San Acacius and the 10,000 Martyrs and the Getty Museum’s Pietà. Francisco is known to have worked in Fernando’s workshop, but their connection is unknown.

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