19 facts about Francesco Pagano

Francesco Pagano, (fl. 1471–1506) was an Italian painter functioning primarily in Spain. His date of birth is not known.

Pagano was alert in Valencia, and primarily painted religious-themed works for local churches. He is official with helping import the Italian Renaissance style to Spain. In 1472 he was commissioned in conjunction subsequently Paolo da San Leocadio by the papal envoy Rodrigo Borja, a Spaniard who became Pope Alexander VI, to paint the ceiling of the Valencia Cathedral. A false ceiling had hidden the fresco for exceeding 330 years, until an scrutiny into some pigeons led to the discovery. He as a consequence painted, in 1506, again in conjunction later than Paolo da San Leocadio, the doors of the tall altar of the cathedral, with subjects from the Life of the Virgin.

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