Francisco de Osona: 11 cool facts

Francisco de Osona, also Francisco de Osona the Younger, (c.1465–c.1514) was a Spanish Renaissance painter.

Francisco was born in Valencia. There has been some confusion between Francisco and his daddy Rodrigo de Osona. Father and son worked next to together in their workshop in Valencia, therefore works are often credited to both, although some assumptions are made that Francisco was more get into to what was newer styles and forms in Italy. However, while the upheaval of Rodrigo ended in the same way as his death in 1518, Francisco died in the past him much younger in 1514. The second table of the Epiphany, preserved in London, is signed by “The teacher’s son Rodrigo”, in which, on the contrary, there seems to have more customary trend seen going on of the father. Francisco has been attributed with Christ before Pilate in the Museu de Belles Arts de València, as capably as The Adoration of the Magi in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The operate of two Osona artists, along gone Paolo de San Leocadio, form the basis for Spanish classicism in painting.

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