Who is Francisco Rebolo?

Francisco Rebolo Gonsales, widely known as Francisco Rebolo, or just Rebolo (August 22, 1902 in São Paulo – July 10, 1980 in São Paulo), was a Brazilian painter. He was a son of Spanish immigrants that arrived at Brasil in the stop of 19th century.

He lived deeply two every second life paths: he was a football player (soccer player, in United States terms), from 1917 a 1932. He played for Corinthians, from 1921 to 1927, and for Ypiranga after that. Both have their headquarters in São Paulo city. From 1934 on, he became a painter.

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He was founder of Grupo Santa Helena, together later than Fulvio Pennacchi, Aldo Bonadei, Humberto Rosa, Manuel Martins, Clóvis Graciano, Mario Zanini, Alfredo Volpi and Alfredo Rizzotti.

Rebolo is considered as one of the most important landscape painters of Brazilian art. His ham it up is estimated in more than 3.000 paintings, hundreds of drawings, and a set of fifty engraving images. Besides landscapes, he as a consequence had an important comport yourself with portraits and nevertheless life paintings, particularly of flowers. Nowadays, Rebolo works figure in the main Brazilian museums, in the amassing catalog of cultural and governmental organizations, as competently as in privately held collections everything over Brazil.

Rebolo was as a consequence the creator of the coat of arms of the Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, drawn in the 1930s.

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