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Girolamo Alibrandi (1470-1524), was an Italian painter, born and lithe in Sicily, called the Raphael of Messina (il Raffaello di Messina).

Alibrandi expected his first recommendation in the moot of the Antonj. The fame which Antonello da Messina, his countryman, had acquired in Venice, induced him to visit that city. While there he customary for a curt time counsel from Antonello. He afterward enjoyed the goodwill of Giorgione. Alibrandi afterwards went to Milan, where he became a disciple of Leonardo da Vinci. Alibrandi later went to Rome and studied the prehistoric artifacts and the works of Raphael. From Rome he went to Parma, and thence help to Messina, where the town possesses his best works.

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His most important of take effect was a large picture of the Presentation in the Temple, painted in 1519 for the Chiesa della Candelora. It was far along transferred into the church of San Nicolò dei Gentiluomini, and then, following severe damage in the earthquake of 1908, to the hoard of the Museo Civico in Messina, where it remains. He next painted a Purification of the Virgin now in the Cathedral of Messina. Alibrando died of the plague in 1524 at Messina.


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