Who is Hanna Rudzka-Cybisowa?

Hanna Rudzka-Cybisowa (1897-1988) was a Polish performer and teacher.

Rudzka-Cybisowa was born upon 27 June 1897 in Mława, Poland. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she was taught by Miłosz Kotarbiński [pl]. In 1923 Rudzka-Cybisowa became a student of the Polish Impressionist Józef Pankiewicz. In 1924 she traveled to Paris along when a bureau of Polish students who named themselves the Komitet Paryski (the Paris Committee, also called the Kapists). The same year she married the painter Jan Cybis (1897-1972) who was also allocation of the Komitet Paryski. The couple stayed in France from 1924 through 1931.

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From 1931 through 1933 Rudzka-Cybisowa lived in Kraków, returning for a era to Paris where she had a solo bill at the Renaissance Gallery. In 1934 her act out was included in a Kapists’ group put on an act at the Warszawskim Instytucie Propagandy Sztuki (Warsaw Art Propaganda Institute). Rudzka-Cybisowa remained in Poland through the Nazi occupation, continuing to paint. After the liberation she began teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw . The Academy was reestablished after the Warsaw Uprising. She taught there until her retirement in 1967. She was alert in the Krakowskiego Okręgu Związku Polskich Artystów Plastyków (Krakow District of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers).

In 1971 the Muzeum Narodowe (National Museum) in Poznań held a retrospective of her work. Rudzka-Cybisowa died on 3 February 1988 in Kraków.

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