Who is Hans Freiherr von Geyer zu Lauf?

Hans Freiherr von Geyer zu Lauf (14 January 1895 – 10 August 1959) was a German painter who was born in Freiburg and grew in the works in the suburb Günterstal. In 1917 he moved to Dießen am Ammersee and in 1919 to Schönberg upon the Hessische Bergstraße. From 1940 he lived again in Freiburg, this times in a studio apartment which was destroyed during the freshen raid upon Freiburg in 1944 whereupon he returned to the Bergstraße. In 1945, after the decrease of the war, he moved to Emmendingen and finally in 1954 assist to Freiburg where lived until his death in a car accident in 1959.

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The panel painting “A Cosmic Song” is the main affect of the painter.

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