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Heinrich Harder (2 June 1858 – 5 February 1935) was a German artiste and an art professor at the Prussian Academy of Arts in Berlin.

Heinrich Harder, as a landscape painter, exhibited paintings inspired by the scenery of Lüneburg, Mecklenburg, the Harz mountains, Sweden and Switzerland, at the Grosse Berliner Kunstausstellung in 1891.

He with illustrated natural archives articles. These included a series accompanying Wilhelm Bölsche articles on earth chronicles for Die Gartenlaube, a weekly magazine. He with illustrated 60 dinosaur and new prehistoric animal collecting cards for the Reichardt Cocoa Company, titled “Tiere der Urwelt” with accompanying text by Wilhelm Bölsche.

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In 1913, Harder designed a series of mosaics on the facade of the aquarium of the Berlin Zoo. They sham primeval creatures next dinosaurs and ammonites.

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