Who is Heinrich Lossow?

Heinrich Lossow (10 March 1843 in Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria – 19 May 1897 in Schleissheim, Austria-Hungary). Heinrich Lossow is known for genre, figures, interiors. Heinrich Lossow was a German painter, sketcher, and illustrator born in Munich in 1843. Alongside his career as a painter, Heinrich Lossow developed his art into illustration.

Today, Heinrich Lossow is most known for his pornographic paintings depicting beautiful ladies and gentlemen, nuns, and monks, captured in various sexually explicit poses, with his best known picture being The Sin.

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The storyline for The Sin is thematically linked with The Banquet of Chestnuts. Fifty prostitutes, or courtesans, are present to entertain the guests at the banquet. Master Johann Bourchard received this criticism, as well as that from ordinary folk, and the Church, who accused Henry Lauxsoud of every fatal sin.

German painter and printmaker Heinrich Lossow was, in many ways, typical for his era, an accomplished genre artist raised by an artistic family in an artistic town; what made him famous, in addition to being talented, were certain subjects, most famously a painting from 1880 depicting a nun being abused by a priest through a grate at the Church.

Heinrich Lossow’s dad was Arnold Hermann Lossow, a Bremen sculptor. His father moved to Munich in 1820 to study under Ernst Mayer. In Munich, Arnold Hermann Lossow married and had three children: Carl Lossow in 1835, Friedrich Lossow in 1837, and Heinrich Lossow in 1843. Heinrich would outlive anything of his siblings. The three boys had a liking for art; Karl Lossow became a history painter, and Friedrich Lossow became a landscape painter.

Heinrich Lossow first trained below his dad but would go on to study below Karl Theodor von Piloty at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, after that he traveled through France and Italy perfecting his art. He was a successful German painter of Rococo-themed paintings, studying at Munich’s Academie des Fine Arts under Carl Theodor von Pietz.

His was an illustrator for publishers, including one for an edition of William Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Later in his life, he served as a curator at the Schleissheim Palace.

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