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Horia Damian (Bucharest, 27 Feb 1922 – Paris 14 May 2012) was a Romanian painter and sculptor.

Damian enrolled at the School of Architecture in Bucharest in 1941. In that same year he made his debut at the Salonul Official de Pictura at Sala Dalles in Bucharest. His first one-man comport yourself took place at the Ateneul Roman in Bucharest in 1942. He was awarded the Anastase Simu Prize for painting. In 1946, he won a scholarship to Paris, where he later settled.

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After a few months when André Lhote he worked like Daniel Lager in 1949-50 and subsequently studied considering Auguste Herbin, becoming acquainted taking into account Piet Mondrian’s perform through Felix del Marle (1889–1952). This suit with abstract art led to his first truly indigenous paintings, such as Starry Night, which consists of a geometric harmony of white dots.

He destroyed most of the works he produced during the second half of the 1950s, an experimental mature for him. His works of the to come 1960s, executed in oil on a polyester base, are in a gestural, impasto style close to Tachism, as in Constellation.

By the late 1960s, his accomplish had become increasingly geometric and sculptural, as exemplified by the Throne series; these are not free-standing sculptures, but rather set next to plain backgrounds. The first of his large-scale monuments, Galaxy, a project for a Monument at Houston, Texas, was expected in 1972 and build up in 1974 at the Neue Galerie in Aachen. Several supplementary monuments in the Galaxy series were constructed, others long-lasting as maquettes. His fascination with the monumental continued in The Hill, constructed for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York from styrofoam covered similar to tiny paper spheres and subsequently painted yellow. This was followed by same monuments, such as that for San Francisco, which is illustrated in the gouache Project for San Francisco.

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