5 facts about Ilija Fonlamov Francisković

Ilija Fonlamov Francisković (Niš, February 16, 1996) is a Serbian painter, known for his approved painting of Celebration of 1700 years of the Edict of Milan – The Emperor’s edict.

Ilija Fonlamov Francisković (born 16 February 1996) was born in Niš in relatives of German-Serbian origins. Firstly, his associates moved from Germany to Banat in late 17.century, and then, finally to Niš. He began painting at age of 6, but seriously previously age of 12. Because of his style during a educational exchange visit in Austria he was attributed as the reincarnation of the German Renaissance painter of the 16th century Matthias Grünewald. He attributed the epithets Wunderkind and Supertalent, precisely because of his age and the fact that he began to produce very early, also because of the malingering of formal art education. In 2013. he painted official painting of Celebration of 1700 years of Edict of Milan in Niš. The painting which helped him to become known was painted in tribute of the victims of the Holocaust in Serbia in 2011. Its say is Jew and his faith. Because of facility he was suggested to improve his talent upon the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, but also on High School of Fine and Applied Arts in Paris. He is the youngest and one of the first Serbian artists whose works to be noticed by two German auction houses, Neumeister from Munich, and the auction house Aukcionata from Berlin. During the assessment of his three paintings: The Evangelist, Flower of God and The resurrection of Christ, he got the title Prince of European painting of the current decade. His greatest inspiration is Christianity, both Orthodox as capably as Catholic. Because of his polluted origins, he feels as German, as competently as Serb, Montenegrin and Bulgarian, but primarily as citizen of the world. He is occupied by humanitarian put on an act and writing.

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