Jillian Green: 6 interesting facts

Jillian Frances Green (born 1975) is an Australian artist, whose produce a result references christian art, particularly illuminated manuscripts and Russian iconography. Her studies and performance reflect this continuing combination in philosophical and theological writings. She sees the detailed decoration of sacred texts as an raid of meditative worship, and her play in is that act, too.

In her 2016 solo exhibition, “Vessels”, at the Turner Galleries in Perth, she used her knowledge of icon painting to paint portraits in the style of Russian icons on empty pots (vessels), where the emptiness of the pot represented the “receptiveness of the sitter…. to the divine”.

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Her 2010 exhibition, “black stone white stone”, takes its broadcast from the story of a Buddhist monk who puts stones of these colours in his pockets throughout the morning to give the daily count great bad things curtains or thought, and shows the evidence of her walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela through Spain in 2007, with her function also referencing Muslim art (as did her 2007 exhibition “Blue Stone”).

Her performance is held in the National Gallery of Australia (3 works), and the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery of UWA. It is also found in the collections of many Western Australian institutions, for example: Edith Cowan University, the Royal Perth Hospital, Saint John of God Health Care hospitals/institutions, the King Edward Hospital and the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

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