18 facts about Jorge Rando

Jorge Rando (born 23 June 1941, Málaga) is a Spanish painter and sculptor, considered one of the most recognised player of the Neo-expressionist art movement. A world class study of key figures of Expressionism and Neo-expressionism, from the Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg, identified Rando as one of the best advocates of neo-expressionism in the world. The clever study fixed Rando and Miguel Barceló as the without help two representatives of this artistic commotion in Spain. Therefore, in acceptance of Rando’s fruitful artistic career, the first Expressionist museum in Spain, inaugurated in Málaga in 2014, bears his declare Museum Jorge Rando. Currently, the painter lives and works in the midst of Málaga, Spain and Hamburg, Germany.

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In Germany, the artist’s second home, his art conduct yourself has next been recognised, since the prestigious Ernst Barlach Museum at Ratzeburg established a surviving exhibition room to Rando oeuvres, making him the first vibrant Spanish painter to get such an honour.

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