This is Juan de Espinosa

Juan de Espinosa, (active 1628 and 1659), Spanish Baroque painter specializing in yet life painting. There is a good deal of confusion in the documentation of de Espinosa’s vivaciousness and works because there are a number of artists using the thesame name who then painted nevertheless lifes in tab to the same time.

Juan de Espinosa, gilder of altarpieces, was documented in Madrid amongst 1608 and 1613, married Maria de Aranda in the parish of San Sebastián. The second son of this marriage, born in 1610 and as well as named Juan, might be the improved known of the two still-life painters of this name.

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The greatest of still-life painters Espinosa was signing his works Joanes Bapta. Despinosa faciebat Anno D’1624. A still life of silver pieces, using the thesame formula he used in 1612, was submitted to link the brotherhood of the Sacrament of the parish of San Sebastian in Madrid. In confusing date valued the altarpiece of the parish of Alcaudete de la Jara. Little else is known roughly him except that he had died already in 1641 considering his widow made a will. Stylistically a painter next to associated subsequently the be active of Juan van der Hamen, with the thesame sense of order and symmetry.

The second, younger, still nimble in 1659, Juan de Espinosa signed the letter of dowry the painter Francisco de Burgos Mantilla in 1645, the thesame date wearing a yet life of flowers and fruits, The Louvre Museum, signed in the similar way. This is a pardon painter of clever colors and strong lighting applied to profound compositions. In the same hand as the Louvre are two remove oil fruit yet life Museo del Prado and the dead bird life next the Museum of Córdoba, from three of the royal collections, all of which shows the thesame precious treatment of grapes, made based glazes, clear red and intonation. More complex is the relationship traditional between the individual parts yet life taking into consideration grapes octagonal, signed in 1646, entered in 2006 at the Museo del Prado, which anew appears a dead bird, but now in a diagonal, between bunches of grapes, pears, apples, some dried fruit and Mexican red clay pileup thesame to that used in the yet life of the Louvre. The detailed treatment and also blithe fruit, particularly grapes, which seem to get the blithe from within, and the use of put happening to to profile branch leaves, approximates stylistically the do its stuff of this painter to the be in of Juan Fernandez, Labrador.

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Still marginal Juan de Espinosa was a known contemporary painter who died in 1653 in San Millán de la Cogolla, while working upon the paintings of the cloister, painter of religious works discreet worship for tradition chiaroscuro.

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