9 facts about Katharina Pepijn

Katharina Pepijn or Catharina Pepijn (baptized upon 13 February 1619, Antwerp – 12 November 1688, Antwerp) was a Flemish painter who was known for her archives paintings and portraits.

Very Tiny is known approximately the activity and training of Katharina Pepijn. She was the daughter of Marten Pepijn and Marie Huybrechts. She likely trained considering her father, a prominent painter in Antwerp. In 1654 she became a enthusiast of the Antwerp Guild of St. Luke as a ‘wijnmeester’, i.e. the daughter of a master.

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Very little is known roughly her career. At the stop of her excitement she was renting a house in a beguinage. She was taken ill and was cared for by a nurse. After she died she was buried at Antwerp Cathedral.

Katharina Pepijn was known in her get older as a records and portrait painter.

Currently deserted two works are attributed to Katharina Pepijn. Both are portraits of abbots of St. Michael’s Abbey, Antwerp, executed like oil on canvas in the 1650s. That of Abbot Johannes Chrysostomus vander Sterre was made unexpectedly after his death in 1652. The extra is of Abbot Norbert van Couwerven. Both paintings were originally kept at St. Michael’s Abbey. Her portraits are in the style of Rubens and van Dyck.

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