Ken Searle: life and works

By Gwylym Owen

Ken Searle (born 1951) is an Australian artiste who was born in Sydney and grew up a propos Cooks River in the south-western suburbs of the city.

Searle is a self-taught player who began exhibiting his paintings and drawings in the mid 1970s and has held at least 24 solo exhibitions since. He is known for large, and often whimsical, paintings, in oil upon canvas, of suburban and industrial areas in several Australian cities.

From 1998 to 2001 Searle worked as a consultant at the instructor in the Aboriginal community of Papunya in central Australia, the place where the Western Desert Art Movement originated. During his grow old there he produced many works depicting the local landscape.

Searle has afterward collaborated in the freshen of writer Nadia Wheatley upon the production of two books, Papunya School Book of Country and History, and Going Bush.

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