Who is Lars Jorde?

Lars Jorde (22 May 1865 – 25 September 1939) was a Norwegian painter and illustrator.

He was born at Vang in Hedmark, Norway. He entered the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in 1889. He studied under Gerhard Munthe, Alfred Philippe Roll, Eilif Peterssen and Harriet Backer, and Kristian Zahrtmann. He studied at Paris and in Italy. In 1905, he moved to Lillehammer and in 1912 to a home that Thorvald Erichsen had had built based on design by Arnstein Arneberg. He lived in Lillehammer until his death in 1939.

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He provided decorative work at the Vingrom chapel in Lillehammer (1908), the student hall at the Norwegian College of Agriculture in Ås, and made a series of decorations for Granheim Sanatorium in Follebu (1908–27). In 1925 he ornamented Sjøli chapel at Ytre Rendal.

He painted in alternating styles exceeding the course of his career, and is represented following several works in the National Gallery of Norway. Jorde moreover worked as an illustrator, illustrating Nansen and Sverdrup’s Fram higher than polhavet (1897) and Andersen’s I cancelliraadens dage (1907) and I brønden og i tjernet by Jørgen Moe (1898).

He was born in Vanga in Hedmark, Norway. In 1889 he entered the Norwegian National Academy of Crafts and Arts. Studied with Gerhard Munte, Alfred Philip Roll, Eilif Petersen, Harriet Baker and Christian Sartmann. Studied in Paris and Italy.    Show Source Texts

In 1905 he moved to Lillehammer, and in 1912 to the house that Thorvald Eriksen built according to the design of Arnstein Arneberg. He lived in Lillehammer until his death in 1939.    Show Source Texts

He did decoration work at the Wengrom Church in Lillehammer (1908) and the student dormitory of the Norwegian Agricultural College in Aspen, and for the Glennheim Sanatorium in Foleb (1908-27) Many decorations were made. In 1925, he decorated the Sioli church in Itre Rendal. Throughout his career, his painting styles are varied, and several works have been exhibited in the Norwegian National Gallery. Jorde also worked as an illustrator, portraying Nansen and Sverdrup’s Fram over Half-Haven (1897), Andersen’s I cancelliraadens dage (1907), and Jorgen Moe’s I bronden og i tjernet (1898). 

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