Who is Lazar Serdanović?

By Gwylym Owen

Lazar Serdanović (Serbian: Лазар Сердановић; Sombor, Habsburg Monarchy, 1744 – Sombor, Habsburg Monarchy, 1799) was a Serbian painter. He was allowance of a organization of painters representative of the tall Baroque style, consisting of Grigorije Davidović-Obšić, Mojsije Subotić, Grigorije Jezdimirović and himself.

Little known Sombor painter from the Baroque period, Lazar Serdanović, was swift mostly in Orthodox churches in Srem and Slavonia. He is most remembered for the icons he painted later colleagues Teodor Kračun and Jovan Isailović (Sr.) in Sombor’s Serbian Orthodox Church of St. George (Crkva Svetog Đorđa) which is in unclean Baroque, Roccoco, and Classic styles. He after that painted the iconostasis in a Serbian church in Mikluševcima, near Vukovar, in the 1770s.

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