Lazzaro Bastiani: life and works

Lazzaro Bastiani (1429 – 5 April 1512) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance, active mainly in Venice.

He was born in Padua. He is first recorded as a painter in Venice by 1460 in a payment for an altarpiece of San Samuele, for the Procuratori di San Marco. In 1462 he was paid at the thesame rate as Giovanni Bellini. In 1470, he was a advocate of the Scuola di San Girolamo in Venice. In the 1480s he worked later Gentile Bellini for the Scuola Grande di San Marco. He painted a Coronation of the Virgin (Gallerie dell’Accademia); a Nativity (1477); and a St. Anthony on the Nut Tree.

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In 1508 he was called upon, with his pupil Vittore Carpaccio, to estimate paintings of Giorgione for the Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

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