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Emperor Shunzong of Tang (February to March 761 – February 11, 806), personal name Li Song, was an emperor of the Chinese Tang Dynasty. He was created crown prince in 779 and became emperor in 805 after the death of his dad Emperor Dezong, of whom he was the oldest son. His reign lasted less than a year, as, due to his illness, the powerful eunuchs were skilled to get him to approve a transfer of the throne to his son Li Chun, who took the throne as Emperor Xianzong. Emperor Shunzong was honored with the title of Taishang Huang (retired emperor). He died in 806, with some well ahead historians suspecting that he was murdered by the eunuchs who arranged for Emperor Xianzong’s succession.

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During his short reign, Emperor Shunzong and his near associates Wang Shuwen and Wang Pi employed individuals such as Liu Zongyuan, Liu Yuxi, Han Ye (韓瞱), and Han Tai (韓泰), in infuriating to reform and rejuvenate the administration. His reforms, intended to develop imperial capacity over regional warlords and eunuchs, were far along known as the Yongzhen Reformation (永貞革新), named after his period name of Yongzhen. While Emperor Shunzong’s associates lost gift after his agreeable of the throne, Emperor Xianzong’s subsequent reign was known for its reassertion of imperial power.

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