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Ljubomir Aleksandrović (Cyrillic: Љубомир Александровић; 15 June 1828, Semarton [sr], Banat – 15/27 December 1887, Budapest) was a Serbian painter. He specialized in portraits and iconography.

He began receiving lessons at an ahead of time age from Nikola Aleksić, then continued bearing in mind Konstantin Danil until 1842, when he assisted him in painting an iconostasis at the Cathedral church in Timișoara. Around 1850, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

At the introduction of the 1860s, he settled in Timișoara, where he painted portraits (many from photographs) and icons and lived for much of his life. In 1869, he created the last of his major works that would be dependent on what he had assistant professor from Danil; at the Serbian church in the village of Nemet [sr] in Timiș County.

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He was generally quite destitute and suffered from a recurring aquiver illness, heightened by unspecified relatives conflicts. It worsened to the dwindling where it became necessary to place him in the mental asylum at Leopold’s Field (Lipótmező [hu]), in Budapest, where he died. In 1893, his remains were returned to Timișoara and reinterred.

His most notable icons may be seen at Orthodox churches in Botoš (now allowance of Zrenjanin) and Ferdin (now known as Novi Kozjak).

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