Who is Lubov Rabinovich?

Lubov Rabinovich, (Любовь Семеновна Рабинович) (1907 in Liepāja, Russian Empire – 2001 in Moscow, Russia) was a Soviet Russian painter most noted for her works depicting rural sparkle and particularly energy in the newly created settlements of the Virgin Lands Campaign.

Rabinovich began her studies in 1921 at the Lepeshinsky (МОПШК) experimental art-school commune in Moscow where she was taught drawing by Yakov Aleksandrovich Bashilov. The artist’s play was first exhibited in 1925 as portion of the 8th AKhRR (Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia) Exhibition. Lubov Rabinovich studied at the Proletarian Institute of Art in Moscow, graduating in 1930. She went upon to investigation at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad where she studied under A. Savinov and K. Petrov Vodkin. She was awarded a diploma in 1936 for the painting “Kuban, 1920 – The Reds Have Come”.

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The next-door five years Rabinovich taught in Saratov, becoming, in 1939, the head of the local artist’s union. During the Second World War she supervised the “Agitokon” art collective (also in Saratov).

After accomplishment Rabinovich came to Stalingrad and participated in work on the Volga-Don Canal.

In the spring of 1954 Rabinovich, with a brigade of fellow artists journeyed to southern Siberia as part of Khrustchev’s Virgin Lands Campaign, working upon a gather together farm in the Omsk Region and at the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. The artist later moves to the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok and becomes aware with several scientists of the Siberian branch of Academy of Sciences.

Rabinovich continued to travel throughout the 1950s and 1960s, visiting (and painting) the White Sea, The Crimea, Pushkin, Dubna, Stalingrad, Novorossisk, The Baltics, and Pereslavl-Zalessky

The artist’s works of the grow old capture the self-confidence and optimism of the many ambitious Soviet projects of the grow old as with ease as more pastoral scenes and portraits. Notable works include: «First wedding upon Virgin Soil» (1959), «The Student (The Thirtieth is Difficult)» (1963), and “On a farm” (1970).

Many of Rabinovich’s works are held in make a clean breast and private collections of Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Belgium and the USA.

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