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Manuel Ortega (born Manuel Hanke, Steyregg, 8 April 1980) is an Austrian singer of Spanish origin.

The son of a Spanish mommy and an Austrian father, Ortega began his career as a singer taking into consideration he was 10 years old. He sang in the vent of the Florianer Sängerknaben in one of the oldest choirs from Austria. His love for pop music led to him joining a band called BAFF as soon as he was a teenager. Starting from an prematurely age, meant Ortega has been dexterous to make more than 200 stages performances as of 2003. When he was 17, he took part in a search for capacity and was agreed out of 1300 entrants to be the singer of a further group. Whilst successful, the help was not plenty for Ortega and in 2001 he began a solo career.[citation needed]

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The song El Amor, La Vida was the Austrian summer hit of 2001. In 2002 he represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest next the song Say A Word. He participated in the 3rd Season of the Ukrainian Dancing With the Stars (so-called International League of Champions) where he danced similar to the Ukrainian ballroom dancer, and Eurovision Dance Contest 2007 runner-up Yulia Okropiridze.

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