Who is Marcel Antonio?

Marcel Antonio (born June 28, 1965) is a Filipino painter. Considered as one of the most promising pubescent talents in Philippine contemporary art while yet attending the University of the Philippines’ College of Fine Arts in the late 1980s, he launched a solo enactment and thereafter dropped out of the bookish to continue to develop collections of his distinctly narrative as competently as pseudo-narrative figurative paintings influenced by modernism and 1980s postmodernism. Since then, Antonio produced passable sold-out works to be quickly counted as one of the Philippines’ young painters most bright in the illusion realist sort of post-expressionism in the country.

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Since his dropping out of learned to concentrate on a profitable, already-budding career, Antonio has to this day continued to be considered as a prize of collectors in the Manila art market. This publicize following has in turn established him mainstream gallery deed through an unending series of sold-out exhibitions courtesy of his art dealers.

Antonio’s works pretend to have a clear post-expressionism with highbrow themes, often utilizing fabular images that add up myth subsequent to reality, creating seeming stories at the back his paintings that has continued to take possession of Manila’s mainstream gallery-goers’ attention in the same way as their deep sense of play.

In his country, Antonio has exhibited in major galleries including Galleria Duemila, The Drawing Room, Gallery BIG, Galleria Quattrocento (his recurring mom gallery), and AltroMondo Arte Contemporanea, where his afterward has included local and international collectors. He has along with exhibited in Berlin, Australia, and Singapore.

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