10 facts about Marcos Restrepo

Marcos Restrepo (born 1961, Catarama, Ecuador) Restrepo is a Latin American painter who is a supporter of the performer group Artefactoría, founded by Xavier Patiño. Artefactoría was formed in 1982 by a group of painters from the School of Fine Arts in Guayaquil who are inspired by the surrealists and the unconscious. Members of Artefactoria include: Restrepo, Xavier Patiño, Jorge Velarde, Pedro Dávila, Marco Alvarado, Flavio Álava, Paco Cuesta

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In 1996, Restrepo obtained the Second Prize of the V Biennial of International Madness in River Basin, Ecuador for his painting Al Finál del Hueco (shown right). In 1986, Restrepo obtained an honorable mention in the Hall Prize of Paris chiquito.

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