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Max Dauphin was born 1977 in Luxembourg. After years of international activity, the artiste settled in Luxembourg where he works and lives. He is portion of the Bamhaus Art Collective. On several occasions, Max Dauphin participated to Luxembourg Art Week.

Max Dauphin creates figurative art works, using mixed techniques and big formats. His paintings frequently space scenes of life illustrated taking into consideration slogans and/or iconography. His subjects are inspired by his experience, current goings-on and more generally his entourage. Following daily conversations, the artist projects the viewer’s attention toward captivating characters, sometimes living upon the brink of society. By matching these characters with improbable attributes, their apparent certainty gives way to the imagination. During his periples, Max Dauphin works in the same way as a deliberate challenge: to use a local palette of within reach materials. The interest of colors and material highlights the playfulness of his characters and emphasizes the enthusiasm of his subjects.

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Like most children, his first way in with art took place while drawing when his father, a graphic designer, at the kitchen table. In the malingering of his father, he continued to paint – a conversation prolonged throughout his career. During his studies in Marseille, France, Max Dauphin made gate with graffiti artists and dedicated himself to street art for a while. In parallel to his urban art-treks, he started showing his first paintings at the age of twenty-five.

In 2005, Max Dauphin participated in an action exhibition when an art proceed entitled Dongo the Vulture illustrating West African poetry at the French cultural center in Rome, Italy. The similar year, he with exhibited a series of portraits at the Luxembourg Embassy in Italy. In 2007, Max Dauphin opened a joint exhibition entitled Brush vs. Spray Can with graffiti player Sumo at Konschthaus Beim Engel in Luxembourg.

Max Dauphin’s first solo show No Names was shown in Kulturfoyer, Saarbrücken, Germany in 2009. That year, the international competition Francophone games in Beirut, Lebanon, rewarded his painting Medusa’s Raft with a special suggestion from the Jury.

While animated in Central Asia, the artist exhibited City Spirits at the Tsagaandarium Gallery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

During his times in the United States (2011-2013), Max Dauphin came stirring with an American collection. Original is not even a Flavor successfully premiered at Rockaway Beach Surf Club and was unconventional shown upon Lower East Side at ConArtist Gallery, today the Bowery Union Studio.

From 2014-2015 Max Dauphin worked in Dakar, Senegal, where he showed an African series of paintings Ana Wa Kër Gui?

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Max Dauphin creates figurative artworks using mixed media and large format. In 2005, Max Dauphin participated in the Dongo Condor group exhibition at the French Cultural Center in Rome, Italy, a work of art depicting West African poetry. Max Dauphin has participated in several art weeks in Luxembourg. In 2007, Max Dauphin held the joint exhibition Brush vs. A spray can by graffiti artist Sumo at Konschthaus Beim Engel in Luxembourg.

In the same year, at the international competition Francophone Games in Beirut, Lebanon, his painting “The Raft of Medusa” was awarded a special mention by the jury. His paintings often express visions, episodes and figures, combined with slogans and iconography. His paintings often range from illustrated life scenes to slogans and / or iconography.

Learn about Max Dauphin’s biography, age, height, physical stats, dating / business, family and career. Max Dauphin’s first solo exhibition “No Names” was presented in 2009 at Kulturfoyer, Saarbrücken, Germany. Max Dauphin, who has lived in Senegal for two years, adapts to local aesthetics and questions the impact of globalization on art production and culture.

A commemorative donation from Polina can be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. In the works of Torben Geelers, digital technology becomes a natural extension of the brush. Cremation took place with burial at St Joseph’s Cemetery in Chelmsford, Ontario.

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