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Mi Fu (Chinese: 米芾 or 米黻; pinyin: Mǐ Fú, also resolution as Mi Fei, 1051–1107) was a Chinese painter, poet, and calligrapher born in Taiyuan during the Song dynasty. He became known for his style of painting misty landscapes. This style would be deemed the “Mi Fu” style and on the go the use of large wet dots of ink applied later than a flat brush. His poetry was influenced by Li Bai and his calligraphy by Wang Xizhi.

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Mi Fu is regarded as one of the four greatest calligraphers of the Song dynasty. His style is derived from calligraphers in earlier dynasties, although he developed unique traits of his own.

As a personality, Mi Fu was noted as an eccentric. At times, they even deemed him “Madman Mi” because he was obsessed later collecting stones. He was also known as a stuffy drinker. His son, Mi Youren, also became a with ease known painter in the publicize of in his father’s artistic style.

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