Who is Michael Astrapas and Eutychios?

Michael Astrapas and Eutychios (Greek: Μιχαήλ Αστραπάς και Ευτύχιος (flourished 1294 to 1317) were Greek painters from Thessaloniki. They had a categorically active workshop in the area and some of their take effect survived. Famous Thessalonian painter Manuel Panselinos was active nearly the thesame period. Thessaloniki was considered the second capital of the Byzantine Empire. The region featured many iconographic workshops. Most historians adjudicate Thessaloniki the epicenter of the Macedonian School of painting during the Palaeologan Renaissance. Other prominent Byzantine artists were Ioannis Pagomenos, Theophanes the Greek and Theodore Apsevdis. The Byzantine style influenced countless Italian and Greek artists. The style eventually evolved into the Maniera Greca.

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