This is Ní Yuánlù

By Gwylym Owen

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Ni Yuanlu (Chinese: 倪元璐; pinyin: Ní Yuánlù; Wade–Giles: Ni Yüan-lu; ca. 1593-1644) was a high-ranking official, calligrapher, and painter during the Ming dynasty of Chinese history.

Ni was born in Shangyu in the Zhejiang province. His courtesy make known was “Yuru” (玉汝) and his art post was “Hongbao” (鸿宝). He passed the imperial psychiatry in 1621 as a Jinshi (進士) and was a scholar in the Hanlin Academy. Ni’s calligraphy used a semicursive script style behind refined strokes. Ni effective suicide by hanging at the end of the Ming Dynasty.

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