18 facts about Oleksii Shovkunenko

Oleksii Oleksiyovych Shovkunenko (Ukrainian: Олексій Олексійович Шовкуненко; 21 March 1884, Kherson – 12 March 1974, Kiev) was a Ukrainian painter and teacher, and from 1947 on a aficionado of the USSR Academy of Arts.

Shovkunenko was born in the city of Kherson, in the Kherson Governorate of the Russian Empire (in the Kherson Oblast of present-day Ukraine).

Shovkunenko was a graduate of the Grekov Odessa Art college in 1908 and the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1917. He took allocation in the exhibitions of the Society of South Russian Artists from 1913–19 and was a aficionada of the Kostandi Society of Artists from 1924–9. He taught at the Odessa Art Polytechnic from 1926–9 and at the Art Institute from 1929–35 and complex at the Kiev State Art Institute from 1936–63.

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Shovkunenko painted many portraits, including some of prominent Ukrainian cultural figures (such as Pavlo Tychyna, Mykola Lysenko, and Oleksandr Bohomolets) and plus he painted landscapes of Ukraine, Moscow and additional areas.

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