Who is Olga Tsutskova?

Olga Tsutskova (Russian: О́льга Петро́вна Цуцко́ва; June 6, 1952) is a painter who lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

She was born in St. Petersburg in 1952 and graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (now – the Repin Institute, formerly known as Imperial Academy of Arts) in 1977. She united the Leningrad Section of the USSR Union of Artists in 1985.

Tsutskova’s oeuvre, marked by special attention to details, is dominated by nevertheless life and portrait.

Many of her works were acquired by the Exhibition Boards of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as with ease as by private collectors in Düsseldorf (Germany), Seoul (S. Korea), and some supplementary European and North American cities.

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Her works have been displayed in a number of exhibitions in Petersburg and additional cities of Russia.

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