Onib Olmedo: life and works

Onib Olmedo (July 7, 1937 – September 8, 1996) has been venerated by critics as a major Filipino player of the 20th century. Olmedo created a body of works that utilizes the expressionist technique of distortion to Describe the inner sorrow experienced by campaigner man.

His paintings are characterized by an implosive impact but have an uplifting and ennobling quality, celebrating the endowment of the human life in the viewpoint of sting and anguish. At the thesame time, they are social commentaries taking into account touches of wit and irony – reflections of the artist’s quintessential, down-to-earth humor. The subjects of his paintings were the denizens of Sampaloc and Ermita, including musicians, prostitutes, vendors and waiters, as capably as people from the upper strata gone society matrons, corporate executives and ballerinas.

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Olmedo died in 1996 later he was solitary 59 years old. His impact in the art scene continues to be felt upon this day, as evidenced by a whole further generation of artists who are self-confessed Olmedo disciples, producing works inspired by their icon’s distinctive style, and putting occurring exhibitions that have paid homage to their late master.

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