Paji Honeychild Yankarr: life and works

Paji Wajina Honeychild Yankarr (c. 1912 – 4 December 2004) was an Australian aboriginal artist.

She was born at Kuntumarrajarra in the Great Sandy Desert, and moved in the 1960s to Cherrabun and in the 1970s to an obsolete mission close Junjuwa. There she united the Karrayili Adult Education Centre and started painting. She took allowance in a joint exhibition at the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute in 1991 and painted throughout the 1990s. She has worked on paper and upon canvas, and her pretense has been described as: “blatant chronicles of her desert country subsequently the recurring theme in her works living thing the Jila (waterhole) of various sites in the Great Sandy Desert”.

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Four of her works are in the addition of the National Gallery of Victoria.

In 2014, the ReDot Fine Art Gallery in Singapore held an exhibition “Kurntumarrajarra – The Estate of Paji Wajina Honeychild Yankarr”, named after her birthplace.

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