14 facts about Rade Tovladijac

By Gwylym Owen

Rade Tovladijac (Serbian Cyrillic: Раде Товладијац, born August 1, 1961) is a Serbian fantasy and comic photograph album artist, illustrator, painter and architect. He lives in Belgrade.

He was born in Ulcinj, Yugoslavia (in Montenegro), and grew going on in Čačak (in Serbia). He obtained his degree at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in the same way as project “Celestial City – Orbital Station in Lagrange stationary point – L5.”

He debuted in Yugoslav comics industry in 1983, as aficionado of “Bauhaus 7” art group, together following Zoran Tucić, Vujadin Radovanović and Saša Živković.

Tovladijac is especially known for his painted covers for popular Yugoslav magazines Gigant, Horor, Tajne, featuring The Phantom, Modesty Blaise, James Bond, Batman and other popular characters.

Among his main comics series are “Ljudi za zvezde” written by Aleksandar Timotijević (Sci-Fi, in YU strip magazine) and “Smešna strana srpske stvarnosti” written by Mihailo Medenica (satirical Saturday page in Press daily, Belgrade).

He has exhibited in activity exhibitions in the former Yugoslavia, the UK, Greece and Hungary.

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