Radomir Stević Ras: life and works

Radomir Stević Ras (26 February 1931 – 22 November 1982) was a Serbian painter, illustrator and designer. He was as a consequence founder and owner of a private theatre in the former Yugoslavia that exclusively presented perform of domestic authors.

Ras was born in the village of Prekopuce (Toplica District). He was the third child of Borivoj and Kruna Stević. After completing his training in metal working (at various provincial towns in Serbia) he went to Belgrade to psychiatry at the Belgrade Academy of Art below Professor Mihajlo S. Petrov. Works of Radomir Stević Ras are exhibited in the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany; The Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia; Royal Library of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium; Fords Museum, San Francisco, USA and the National Museum of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia.

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His most important works are:

1. Alphabet according to Ras.

2 Illustrations for the once books ‘Blood that glows’ by Branko Miljković, ‘Vera Pavldoljska’ by Matija Bećković, ‘A letter to Haralamije’ by Dositej Obradović, ‘The Beginning of the Revolt adjacent to Dahijas’ by Filip Višnjić and ‘Serbia’ by Oskar Davičo.

3. Eva za Sarojana (title of painting).

Ras was married to Eva Ras (Serbian Actress, writer, and painter). Eva was his muse and model for many of his paintings. He was the dad of writer and journalist Vuk Stević Ras (1957 – 2017) and then of the youngest published Serbian writer Kruna Ras (1969 – 1993).

Ras died upon 22 November 1982 in Belgrade.

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