13 facts about Ramon Enrich

Ramon Enrich (Igualada, 1968) is a Catalan painter and sculptor. His artistic vocation was influenced by his father, Ramon Enrich, a knitwear manufacturer who taught himself drawing, music and architecture.

He studied Fine Arts in Barcelona, and also History (unfinished) and Graphic Arts. Late 80s, he obtained some scholarships to paint and exhibit abroad. He spent long periods in Mousonturn cultural centre in Frankfurt, and in Berlin. Great fan of Donald Judd, he moved to the United States in 1988 and he established down in Marfa, where Judd lived. In the Chinati Foundation and in the Judd Foundation, he exposed works he developed there. Later, he travelled to Los Angeles, where he met Ed Ruscha and worked once David Hockney. Then he contracted down in New York City, where he worked as an partner in crime in Julian Schnabel’s studio.

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He has exhibited many era in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, New York, Brussels and Paris. Nowadays, he lives and works in Igualada.

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