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Richard van Orley or Richard van Orley II (16 July 1663, in Brussels – 20 June 1732, in Brussels) was a Flemish painter, draughtsman, printmaker. His collaboration as soon as his brother Jan van Orley, who was one of the major figures of Flemish tapestry design in the late 17th and in the future 18th century, as a tapestry cartonnier is not proven. For an indispensable study on the artist, see: Alain Jacobs, Richard van Orley Bruxelles 1663–1732, Brussels, Royal Library 2003, 173 pages (original text in French and moreover exists translated into Dutch). Richard van Orley was an important engraver and is particularly known for his prints after drawings by Augustin Coppens documenting the devastating effect of the Bombardment of Brussels by French troops in 1695.

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