Who is Robin Wallace-Crabbe?

Robin Wallace-Crabbe (born 1938, Melbourne) has been actively in action in the Australian arts scene before the 1960s as a curator of exhibitions, literary reviewer, cartoonist, illustrator, book designer, publisher and a commenter on art. He is best known as a writer and visual player where he has moved surrounded by the two mediums for over fifty years, having had thirteen novels published (either in Australia, the UK, and the USA), five under his own name, and eight under the pseudonym – Robert Wallace, and in the past the to the lead sixties he has had numerous solo exhibitions in Australian capital cities. Including a Survey Exhibition held at the Australian National University in 1980. And unusual Survey Exhibition touring Australian Regional galleries across Australia amid 1990 and 1991. Sasha Grishin describes him as ‘ … a brilliant draughtsman and colourist, his experiment subsequently ideas of levels of perception. The observer and the observed allowance a common, ambiguous publicize which opens in the works an intellectual dimension to the , where the comical and provocative gestures suggest further levels of interpretation.’

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