Salomon Adler: 12 interesting facts

Salomon Adler (before 3 March 1630 – 1709 in Milan) was a German painter of the Baroque period, active in Milan and Bergamo as a portrait painter. He was the mentor of Fra’ Galgario. Born in Danzig (Gdańsk), died in Milan.

Adler came from a intimates of cloth makers in Gdansk. He was of Lutheran faith. His expose of painting (reminiscent of Rembrandt and his predilection for oriental clothing in his portraits) suggests an in the future education in Gdansk. Perhaps he was over the same age Andreas Ruthardt the painter Daniel Schulz in Gdansk in the doctrine and probably went once him back 1653 to Italy (1653 is his baptismal compilation in Gdansk in Italy handed down). His artworks put it on the fake of portrait painters from Venice (Nicolò Renieri and Tiberio Tinelli). In the years from 1679 to 1691 he was demonstrably in Milan. He was much appreciated as a portrait painter.

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He was the literary of Fra’ Galgario (Vittore Ghislandi), who went to Milan to examination his works subconscious portrayed several times.

Rembrandt may then have influenced him through his pupil Wilhelm Drost, who was temporarily in Venice. In addition, the literary of tenebrosi with its light-dark contrasts on him.

Self-portraits of Adler can be found in Bergamo, Milan (Brera gallery and amassing Franco Marinotti), Budapest (possibly replica of the Self-portrait in the Uffizi) and in the Uffizi. In auxiliary to Rembrandt, the French court painter Hyacinthe Rigaud is afterward mentioned as an influence. The only pretend signed by Adler is the portrait of a minor man in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg, which was acquired in 1963 from the Italian art trade. Known are on zenith of a dozen paintings, almost anything portrait (except a Judith and an allegory).

In 1955 there was an exhibition to him in the Palazzo della Ragione (Bergamo). A self-portrait was found in the Brera in Milan.

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